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Environmental issue has becoming more and more important for car manufacturers since the US government and European Union (EU) were substantially to contract the legislation in lowering the carbon emissions of the production of new vehicles. This drives car manufacturers to put more effort and resource in supporting R&D activities.

By continuous development and improvement of RP technologies in material properties, machine capability and production efficiency, RP&M technologies are increasingly utilized to produce scaled model and functional prototype for design verification and market validation.  

Our Service

The centre provides the following RP&M service in supporting their R&D activities of automotive industry;

  • 3D digital scanning
  • CNC routing up to 1:1 scaled model
  • RP plastic parts  (SLA, SLS, FDM)
  • Rapid investment casting (component size up to 500mm x 500mm x  550mm)
  • Sand Casting with direct sintering of sand core