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Cosmetic Model

As the name implied, the prototypes are used to evaluate the appearance and feeling of the design, and get early comments from potential clients. Apart from solid and non-functional, cosmetic prototypes are the same as finished product in aspect, such as shape, color, texture and hardness.

Most RP technologies can be used for cosmetic prototypes. However, those with better post-processing properties will have a competitive advantage because a lot of polishing and painting will be applied on the model. In this perspective, SLA & MJM are easier to polish because of its smooth surface. FDM is more difficult because the part have to be cover with a layer of putty. SLS and LOM are among the most difficult, due to the tough nylon material and fiber strands of paper. 'Concept modelers' is the choice where time is the most critical concern.  These include droplet deposition systems such as InVision, Objet and ZCorp's machine.