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Product Safety

Product safety has becoming more and more important for any practitioners involved in a product supply chain. In order to shorten the product development cycle time, minimizing the running cost, some important issues were selectively to be negated or highly compressed, such as product safety. However, the trade off is always costly and painful such as retrieval of rejected product form the end customers.

Our professional staffs possess years of practical industrial experience in product design and industrial engineering who could provide constructive solution for our client to far away from the troubles.

Manufacturing Feasibility

Another major strength of the Industrial Centre are in products and process design. Working academic and industrial partners or clients to meet their product and process design needs through consultancy and technology transfer, the Industrial Centre with its Area of Strategic Development (ASD) team supply innovative solutions to our partners and clients. Areas in products and process design include ...

  • Rapid Manufacturing and Tooling
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Product Data Management

Market Evaluation

We seek for industrial partners working together to open up new market by product innovation. For interested parties, please contact us;